Recent research concludes that breastfeeding may improve the prognosis of certain types of endogenous breast cancer and increase the chances of survival. As stated by Dr. Marilyn L. Kwan, of the Kaiser Permanente Health Organization, “Our findings could be part of the debate on whether a new mother will decide to breastfeed,” further reinforcing the already strong arguments in favor of breastfeeding.

A woman’s breastfeeding history can affect the prognosis of the disease, creating an environment that prevents the spread of the tumor.

To date, breastfeeding has been linked to reduced risk of developing breast cancer through hormonal mechanisms, with few studies addressing the association between breastfeeding and recurrence cancer. In the Kaiser Permanente study, breastfeeding appears to be associated with lower rates of recurrence of specific, less aggressive forms of the disease, especially in cases where the duration is equal to or greater than 6 months.