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What are the necessary documents for applying for IVF approval, approval for ovulation induction, and approval for gonadotropin administration in men?

The necessary supporting documents for the approval of IVF are:

  • Special referral form to the committee completed by a gynecologist · Medical booklet with insurance capacity. If there is no visa from the fund, a certificate of insurance will be presented
  • Identity card / passport
  • An act of marriage of last semester, and in the case of a single woman, her written consent, and in the case of a free union a written consent of the man. Consents are provided by a notary. In the case of foreign recipients, the above documents, if they are in a foreign language, must be officially translated
  • Test results for human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV-1, HIV-2), hepatitis B and C and syphilis (VDRL or RPR) in both husband and wife / partner

For people involved in the application of medical assisted reproductive methods and who are HIV positive for human immunodeficiency virus, the attending physician shall certify that the terms and conditions set by the National Assisted Reproductive Authority are fulfilled (Decision 2/2008 – GG 170 / B / 6.2.2008).


  • End-of-trimester estrogen, gonadotropin, prolactin and thyroid hormone test results signed by a microbiologist-biopathologist.
  • Two complete sperm diagrams of the spouse not less than 75 days apart and more than 1 year apart, at least one of which has been done in a Public Hospital or a laboratory affiliated with EOPYY, signed by a microbiologist-biopathologist or biologist (and not by a gynecologist at the IVF center). If there is complete blockage of the fallopian tubes, only one sperm diagram is needed to control the male factor. In case of abnormal sperm diagram, except in cases with sperm below 1,000,000 / ml and up to azoospermia, medical endocrinologist, andrologist or urologist should be consulted for the possible causes of the disease, the therapeutic effort that was made and whether it had any effects.
  • In the case of a sperm donor, a certificate from the sperm bank is required stating the number of sperm and the motility of the specimen, the age of the donor and the number of pregnancies achieved with the same specimen; A salpingography done within the last 5 years, or alternatively laparoscopic exposure. Without salpingography or laparoscopic exposure, the applicant’s application is not accepted. Hysteroscopy is in no way a substitute for salpingography or laparoscopy. In case of bilateral salpingectomy, salpingography is not required; Last semester ultrasound with report signed by gynecologist or radiologist.
  • In the case of a surrogate motherhood, a judicial authorization is required prior to transfer, in accordance with Article 1458 of the Civil Code.


The Commission may request further examinations in the following cases:

  • In cases of abnormalities or findings from the endometrial cavity (based on salpingography), a hysteroscopy or treatment and re-examination of the subject is required.
  • In endometriotic cysts larger than 3 cm, it is therefore necessary to precede in vitro treatment and review the issue after 6 months.
  • In case of surgery a signed report by the doctor with the stamp of the hospital / clinic is presented

The insured person is required to attend the Commission in person.

If the IVF decision is rejected, the insured person may request a new appointment after 6 months.

The necessary supporting documents for prescribing ovarian induction medication are:

  • Ultrasound of last semester with medical report signed by gynecologist or radiologist
  • Sperm diagram from a Public Hospital or EOPYY-affiliated laboratory signed by a microbiologist-biopathologist or even a biologist (and not a gynecologist at the IVF center)
  • Salpingography from the last two years with a medical report where it seems that there is no tubal factor (no induction and possibly insemination with semen analysis below 1,000,000 / ml or closed tubes)
  • Police ID or passport
  • Last semester marriage registry, and in case of a single woman, written consent is required. In the case of free association, the man’s written consent is required. Consents are provided by a notary. In cases of foreign beneficiaries these documents, if they are in foreign languages, should be officially translated

The insured person is required to attend the Commission in person.

The necessary supporting documents for the approval of gonadotropins in men are:

  • Medical report of the treating physician indicating the weekly dose and duration of treatment
  • Semen analysis performed in a Public Hospital or EOPYY affiliated laboratory signed by a microbiologist-biopathologist and / or a biologist performed in the last year
  • FSH, LH, PRL, testosterone levels
  • Sperm culture
  • Testicular Triplex
  • Police ID or passport

Two (2) IVF Committees have been established in Athens in the building of EOPYY (formerly TAP-OTE) at 12 Apostolou Pavlou Street in Maroussi.

Insured people will make an appointment to the IVF Committees by the following telephone line: 210 8110684 (fax: 210 8110528) and will make sure that they have their supporting documents in the dossier on the day of their appointment.

IVF Committees consider (without an appointment) only special cases or emergencies (e.g. cases of ovarian stimulation for cryopreservation of embryos or eggs in women with cancer).

The Committees accept the original supporting documents which remain in the file of each insured person and are not returned.

These Committees examine whether the conditions for assisted reproduction, ovulation induction or gonadotropin administration are met, and therefore do not authorize the administration of specific formulations. The treating physician is the one who will make the final choice of treatment.

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The Doctor

Dr. Nikolopoulos maintains a private practice in ATHENS, while collaborating exclusively with MITERA’s maternity hospital and the new HYGEIA IVF Athens Assisted Reproduction Unit. At the same time, he is in charge of the Fertility and In Vitro Fertilization clinic at City Hospital, in the city of KALAMATA.