Of the apps you have on your smartphone or tablet, how many are you really using?

The average user has 50 to 70 applications installed, of which, according to statistics, opens less than 10 on a regular basis – essentially, only those that meet their specific needs. Here are 4 apps worth clicking on “install” as they suggest solutions to problems or provide training to you and your loved ones.

Period Tracker Lite


It specifies the start day of your next session. It is simple to use: each month, at the beginning of the period, you press a button and the Period tracker records the duration of your cycle based on the average duration of the last three months, predicting the day the next period will appear. The app also provides information about your fertile days. By the way, for a “desktop” version of a fertility calculator.



Reminds you of taking the contraceptive pill daily, and interrupts reminders during the days of your period. It depicts the days remaining until the last pill is taken and allows you to add extra days to postpone your next period – for the last one, you should have your gynecologist’s consent.



Want to get your child in touch with a foreign language early on, without creating a sense of obligation? Tictic includes an interactive e-book with audio and animation illustrating over 400 words in various languages.



It is a video production network of nutrition, fitness and yoga experts. Part of its content is available for free on YouTube, while ‘premium’ videos are available in paid packages. The same billing model applies to Grokker’s application, which also offers videos for all levels of learning, but also addresses specific problems (for example, “yoga for back pain” or “gluten-free cooking secrets”).
The Doctor

Dr. Nikolopoulos maintains a private practice in ATHENS, while collaborating exclusively with MITERA’s maternity hospital and the new HYGEIA IVF Athens Assisted Reproduction Unit. At the same time, he is in charge of the Fertility and In Vitro Fertilization clinic at City Hospital, in the city of KALAMATA.