NewsDr. Nikolopoulos At MITERA


After 17 years at IASO, in the laparoscopic department since 2009, in the IVF unit since 2015 and as a member of the colposcopy department since 2006, Dr. Nikolopoulos opens a new, especially important chapter in his career, by accepting his highly honorable proposal by MITERA maternity hospital for exclusive collaboration. The inclusion of the doctor in MITERA, which belongs to the HYGEIA group, the largest medical group in the country, also includes collaboration with the HYGEIA IVF Athens Assisted Reproduction Unit.

George Nikolopoulos feels the need to warmly thank all the people of IASO for the constructive and successful cooperation he has had with them so far, always in an exceptional atmosphere of respect and appreciation. His collaboration with MITERA, alongside leading scientists, is inaugurated with the belief that important goals related to offering and supporting people in health issues will be fulfilled, as well as his contribution to the exciting journey to the most valuable gift: the coming of a young person to life.
The Doctor

Dr. Nikolopoulos maintains a private practice in ATHENS, while collaborating exclusively with MITERA’s maternity hospital and the new HYGEIA IVF Athens Assisted Reproduction Unit. At the same time, he is in charge of the Fertility and In Vitro Fertilization clinic at City Hospital, in the city of KALAMATA.