Summer equals holidays, sea, carelessness, wet swimsuits and often urinary tract infection! It is a very common infection, the appearance of which is favored by high temperature and humidity, while affecting women with increased frequency.

Painful urination with a burning sensation, frequency in urinating and low abdominal pain are some of the typical symptoms of the condition.

Urinary tract infection develops mainly in two ways: when bacteria from the outside enter the urethra or when bacteria already present in the bladder multiply and cause infection. The latter is the most common cause of infection, so the most effective preventive measure is to “empty” the bladder that removes germs.

  • Make sure you increase your fluid intake so you can visit the toilet more often.
  • Try to urinate after sex: this removes the bacteria that may have been transferred from the vagina to the urethra.
  • Do not postpone urination: the greater the amount of urine in the bladder, the more likely it is to develop an infection.
  • Avoid vaginal washes: with the removal of bacteria that cause odors, the vaginal washes away and the “good” bacteria which eliminate the germs that cause urinary tract infection.
  • When you have finished urinating, wipe from back to forth to prevent bacteria from moving from the anus to the urethra.
  • Shower is a healthier habit than bathing. If you are prone to urinary tract infections, avoid filling the tub. Water that enters the vagina carries bacteria that increase the likelihood of infection.
  • If you are frequently infected with urinary tract infections, make sure you do not spend too much time in wet swimsuits.
  • Add cranberry supplements to your diet. They contain substances that appear to prevent the bacteria from adhering to the bladder.

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