NewsSex in pregnancy


Many women and often their partners, have doubts about whether sex is “allowed” during pregnancy.

They are worried that the baby will be injured or fearful that the baby may perceive this activity. As the woman goes through a different phase – unpredictable if it is her first pregnancy – physically and psychologically, it is reasonable to wonder if she can continue her sex life at the same time.

However, there is no cause for concern. For most pregnant women, sex is safe throughout pregnancy. Excludes women who have been diagnosed with placenta previa, who should avoid both intercourse and orgasmic stimulation. Also, those who have been treated for inhibition of premature birth as the male sperm contains prostaglandins, hormones that can cause uterine contractions. Just because of this property of prostaglandins, pregnant women who have passed the birth date are encouraged to be sexually active if they have no other problem.

Getting fit does not require any special precautions – whatever position makes you feel comfortable is appropriate.

Many women report increased libido during pregnancy as they are free from the stress of a possible conception. Sexual desire, of course, is influenced by other factors too: prolactin hormone, for example, produced throughout pregnancy, can reduce your libido, while changes in your body and extra weight, especially in the last trimester, may be inhibiting your desire for sex this time. There is nothing abnormal in it. Just know that if you want, you can.

The Doctor

Dr. Nikolopoulos maintains a private practice in ATHENS, while collaborating exclusively with MITERA’s maternity hospital and the new HYGEIA IVF Athens Assisted Reproduction Unit. At the same time, he is in charge of the Fertility and In Vitro Fertilization clinic at City Hospital, in the city of KALAMATA.